Take your customers to a unique experience

What is VR Real Time?

Is a technology that proposes a change of paradigm, a new way to visualize and show images and videos, where the screen size stops being the main character and you can move through an environment centered on the person.

This leads us to be able to generate differently sensations in people and carry them into the environment where we want to locate them. From Graff3D we discovered that this technology is applied to the needs of our clients.
We work to make our clients feel their project in each detail and decide the next place where they want to be.


It is not necessary to build real spaces as models, from the beginning of the project you can have a virtual model ready to show to your potential customers. Time is accelerated according to the market needs.

It can be moved and located in any part of the world, generating a infinite marketing points and simples of the projects dynamically and simultaneously.

Is a technology that leads people to feel a real experience, this provides more precise knowledge about what you can live and helps to make a decision towards what you want.

It can be modified, updated and adapted to customers needs and demands. It incorporates materials, lighting, furniture and objects options in real time.

Se reducen los espacios físicos para poder mostrar un espacio infinito virtual. En un espacio físico reducido puedes llevar a una persona por un recorrido virtual de todo tu proyecto.

Is a tool that allows the incorporation of updates to evolve. We acn be able to move forward as the profitability of the draft.

This technology adapts to any type of project and can be reused in different fields of application. It can be used in events, showrooms, demonstrations, etc.

Comparing it only with the assembly of a model space has a lower cost. It´s a one-time investment and is reusable to various projects.


Reproducing with a VR Helmet does not require large demands. In the Gamer field, there has been done the investment to have fun and recreation, in our case, we have a productive and commercial purpose with similar characteristics.

Animations can also be shared and reproduced in any type of device, PC, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

Minimum requirements:
– PC with GeForce GTX 1060 Video Card or higher
– HTC VIVE Virtual Reality