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It is a mobile application designed to communicate all the information about a project to potential clients in a clear and interactive way. It is a fundamental tool for the commercialization of real estate projects since the seller can catch the attention of the clients through the use of images and animations of high quality and realism.


Digital Brochure

The application allows having at one’s disposal all the information related to the project in just one place. It allows accessing the information, videos and any other type of graphic material of each of the units available for sale.

Real Time

The application updates often if the device is connected to an internet network. This allows the user to register and view the units sold, reserved or available in real time.


The application allows to access a great amount of diverse information about the project: 360º interior and exterior views, animations and renders of distribution of the plants or master-plan, images of the interior and of plants from each typology, photo galleries, location maps with references, among others.

Formats and Platforms

The application is designed so that the sellers can show the information of the project at any time to potential clients. This is why it is designed in different formats to be compatible with Android and iOS.

Potential Clients

The application allows the seller to register the data of potential clients, select the units they are interested in, and at the same time, it allows to email a digital brochure for the clients to have all the information at their disposal.

Visual Impact

The images, the animations and the infrastructure of the application are designed and developed in high quality to guarantee an excellent experience when visualizing it and be able to catch the attention of everyone accessing it.