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Each of our apps is carefully designed and built to perfectly present the unique attributes of each development.

This guide shows the range of options available together with guide prices for different project types.

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Types of App

We build apps for the full range of Apple devices from iPhones to the full range of iPads
plus Android. Our Second-Screen applications run on Mac Mini and can be displayed on
a wide range of screens, projectors and video walls. These presentations make it easy
to present to larger groups as well as creating an impressive addition to your sales suite

Ipad Apps
Second-Screen Apps
Iphone and Android Apps

Software Packages

App Features
3D floorplans
Cloud-based sold status updating
Development specification section
Image gallery
Interactive location maps
Interactive masterplan (housing developments)
Apartment views
Spinning building models or house-typ
Swipe-able apartment building floors
Flights of animated tours of the environment
Email floorplans from app
Interactive digital project brochure
About the developer sectio
Select images from interactive models
Second-screen application for presentation

Complete Packages

As we offer a full service, the best value is always achieved by purchasing a full package of our products and services.

We can not only create cost savings, but also eliminate duplication of work and achieve a much more cohesive total result.

3D masterplans
Development renders
Building renders
House type renders
Interior renders
3D floorplans

Development tours
Exterior fly-rounds
Interior tours
Full promotional videos

Apps for iPads
Apps for phones
Second screen apps
Sales presentations
Cloud based updates
App distribution

10%+ Cost saving
Single agency briefing
More cohesive results
No duplication of work
Improve efficiency
No hidden extras

Final Quotations

Final Quotations

In order for us to give a final quotation for a project we will need to define the content and structure of the app. For you to get the best sales app it is important that we get this first stage correct.

To quote the app we will need some basic information about your project.

  • 1 A project location map – Google Maps or similar
  • 2 A project masterplan (with phase information)
  • 3 Total number of units in the project (in each phase)
  • 4 Total number of apartment or house types (in each phase)
  • 5 A basic drawing pack, in order to quote the 3D elements
  • 6 A list of any special features or amenities you would like featured in the app
  • 7 A list of any special app features you would like quoted
  • 8 Any project marketing literature you may have
  • 9 A link to the project website, if one exists

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:iPad, Second Screen, phone – do I need to choose now?

A:No, in fact we recommend that you don’t. Once your iPad app is created, and you have had time to get to know it, phone and Second Screen apps can be quickly created when you know what you want from them.

Q:How long will it take to create the app?

A:This very much depends on the app size and the flow of information. But having said this most apps are completed within 10-12 weeks. If there is a critical time factor, we can phase the app publication to fit your program.

Q:What will my app look like?

A:We custom design every app to suit each project, so we can follow any existing branding. You will have the opportunity to comment at the two key phases: 1// Basic Screen Design & Layout and 2// The Final Deign.

Q:How much will I have to do?

A:There is quite a lot of information we will need at the beginning of the project, but beyond this not much. We will generate any illustration or maps, do our own research and create any text that is required.

Q:How do I update the sold status?

A:We provide a very simple online interface to mark units as ‘sold’. However many of our clients have asked for this feature to be switched off, or made more discreet as competitors could track how they were selling.

Q:Can I show prices?

A:Again, you can, but the implications need to be thought through as price adjustments have caused problems for clients in the past. We would therefore recommend a more discreet method.

Q:Are there any hidden costs?

A:No, we take great care in the preparation of quotations to ensure this. The only times there may be additional charges is if the information changes or new requests are made, if so you will be notified in advance.

Q:How will I distribute my app?

A:You will have two choices: One, public distribution over the Apple App Store and two, exclusive distribution over the Touch3D Private App Store, that allows you to control who has your app.