Tuesday October 17th, 2017 Mara Modesti

The second biggest construction over the Panama Canal

This is the proposal for Cuarto Puente (Fourth Bridge) over The Panama Canal. It will become the second biggest construction project in the Republic of Panama.

This proposal was presented by international consortium Astaldi – Daelim with design collaboration of Mallol Arquitectos to the Public Works Ministry at the Republic of Panama. The bridge will be the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal and it’ll serve more than a million residents. The construction is estimated to last 42 months with a cost that will surpass the u$ 1 billion mark, making it the second biggest construction in the country after the Canal expansion.

The bridge will feature a suspended restaurant under the bridge and observation decks on the very top of the bridge to promote tourism.

The bridge will have an extension of 4 miles connecting to major areas in the city. The construction will not interrupt the regular operations on the canal.

In addition to 3d still renderings, GRAFF3D was commissioned to create an animation to show the different aspects of the project. At our studio in Cordoba, we modeled the entire bridge partials of the canal and existing bridges as well as the city of Panamá.