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It is a product that adapts to new commercial, publicity and broadcasting trends of the digital era. Start Up 3D consists on the development of the material used in content generating, that way the projects can be spread faster and in the corresponding formats and resolutions for the various digital channels used in Digital Marketing and Community Management.



It is a product of quick execution and short length, of high impact and quality for the different devices and digital channels.


It is an effective tool for fast broadcasting of the project, which allows to revitalize the answer to commercialization.


It is the beginning of actions that, through a quick display, will allow other products to evolve and strengthen commercialization.


Reduce the initial investment in the launching of the project, both, in product and reedition costs that marketing agencies make to adapt videos to all the different digital channels.


The product is adapted to all the different digital channels, social and display networks, as well as to the different formats of current devices, smartphones, tablets, among others.


The provided material allows the company to work together with marketing agencies or areas to quickly increase sales.