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It is a product that consists of the construction of a 3D scene that can be appreciated with a virtual reality helmet. By accessing the project visualization with the helmet, it is no longer seen only on a screen but is experienced in depth. Each individual can go through the virtual space of the project as if they were there and make the changes they consider necessary. It is a completely interactive product.



This product consists of a virtual model and ready to be shown to potential customers to accelerate the time of commercialization. Having this technology is no longer necessary to have the real spaces of the models built at the beginning of a project.


This product can be moved, replicated and located anywhere in the world. This allows for innumerable points of commercialization and for projects to be displayed dynamically and simultaneously.


This technology provides the opportunity to truly experience a place that has not yet been built. This product provides more precise information that can be helpful when making decisions about the future of the project.


This product can be modified, updated and adapted to the needs and demands of customers and the market. It incorporates different options to change materials, lighting, furniture and other project objects in real time.


With this technology, it is not necessary to have large physical spaces to be able to show the models of the projects. Through the virtual reality helmet, you can access in a limited physical space to unlimited virtual space.


It is a tool to which allows additional updates as the project becomes profitable. It is not a fixed virtual model, but it can be modified in real time to match the direction the project may take in the future.


The investment in this type of technology adapts to any type of project. In turn, it can be reused in various fields of application: events, show rooms, presentations, demonstrations, etc.


This technology has a lower cost than the construction of a model space. In addition, the investment in this type of product is done only once and it is reusable for other projects.