08 de January de 2017 Juan Luque

The future for construction sales is here. GRAFF3D to present at NAHB International Builders Show in Orlando.

GRAFF3D, an international creative studio specialized in building visualization will present an innovative recipe to promote construction sales. With offices in US, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates, GRAFF3D has joined forces with London-based multimedia firm Pelican to launch a new service for the building industry. The venture group will be demonstrating their capabilities at booth W5794 during the NAHB International Builder’s show on January 10 through 12, 2017 in Orlando Florida.

Over the last decade, the visualization industry has evolved tremendously making it more affordable, better quality and faster to get. However, many builders and building manufacturers struggle when they need to find ways to stream they valuable presentations assets. There is always a broken link between the media creators and the application into devices and sales centers.

GRAFF3D found a solution to maximize all your efforts and seamlessly integrate products, floor plans, renderings, 3d animations and Virtual Reality with scale models, multi-level displays, and mobile devices. Today’s buyers expect to have access to your products remotely, through their cell phones or iPads and to experience a consistent presentation throughout their buying process; you should keep your content always available and easy to navigate.

GRAFF3D and Pelican Technologies join forces to unveil an innovative and scalable service that integrates media creation (3d renderings, animations, and Virtual Reality), branding and application development in one place. This recipe promises to save time and resources by giving to the experts the ability to work simultaneously and holistically in the same project, avoiding miscommunication, unexpected delays and costly miscalculations on integration efforts.

IBS offers an excellent opportunity to speak to one of the experts in Orlando. Bring your challenges to the table, and they will find a solution to your business model by scaling capabilities and resources yet keeping the quality on the top.

Green City App Screens

An exhibition of selected projects completed in 2016, along with Virtual Reality Experience and Apps demonstration will be held during IBS Orlando on January 10 to 12 at GRAFF3D booth W5794 in the nextBuild pavilion at the West Hall of OCCC. IBS is the largest light construction show in the globe, attracting 50,000 visitors from more than 100 countries each year.

Scheduled consultations are available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM upon registration during the show. Video conferences can be arranged after the exposition for companies in remote locations or not attending IBS Orlando.

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