03 de August de 2016 Mara Modesti

Redesigning our own brand

“En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo”.  It’s an old spanish expression meaning: In the house of a blacksmith people have wooden knifes.  We often do this with our own business, leaving what we do best for last. Our own brand was overdue for a makeover.

We looked into slight modifications to our original logo but it didn’t work. We were not convinced that the original brand represented us and our culture. In the last few years many members of our studio pushed the importance of being green conscious and  we implemented incentives for our employees to drive bikes instead of cars, we transformed our office space adding vertical gardens and we offer more flexibility and better prices to clients working on a green architectural project. The entire spirit of our studio improved, yet we didn’t communicate that through our brand.

It was natural to introduce the green color into our brand and to be more consistent with our culture. The result is a complete transformation! We love the simplicity and the strength of our new logo, we are crazy about the green color and the brand icon.

I hope you love it too.

While we build a “brand” new website, here are some images of the work done.


New business card Design


Our office space

Juan Luque

Creative Director and Co-Founder at GRAFF3D