logo augmented reality AR

It is a system that uses recognition technology to visualize a digital model from a printed image. From a device, an image is scanned; the system recognizes it and instantly reproduces a digital model on the screen. Through digital reading, this technology allows you to visualize the project at any time.



It is a system compatible with any device: smartphones, tablets, etc. This is a tool connects the real world with the digital world, no matter where you are.


This technology allows the user to access endless multimedia content, videos, images, 3D models, 360º tours, etc. This means that it can be combined with other products that GRAFF3D offers.

Digital/Physical Fusion

This product allows merging the real world with the digital world. By using the camera of a device, the system collects reality information and allows the user to apply objects from the digital model to the real world to see what the result would be.

Machine Learning

This technology is based on learning algorithms that allow improvement of image interpretation as the system advances and is used. This means that the system is constantly being perfected as it collects information.