The connection between the real physical and the virtual digital

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a system that allows the connection between the Physical Reality and the Virtual Digital. Using recognition technology, the application scans a printed image, recognizes it and connects it to the pre-designed digital model reproducing what you want to show.


From our company we discovered that this product complements our Visualization 3D service and allows us to connect the graphic images with the digital 3D model and animation, thus providing more information and capturing the clients interested in the project.
It is a technological tool to complement the world of graphic printing and connect it with the digital world. It also allows you to connect the real world with the digital world by incorporating objects into the video camera of your device and creating a representation. You can furnish a whole real room and see how it would look.



It allows you to carry on any device a tool that connects the real world with the digital world.


It allows connecting people with more information and capturing their attention by sharing a different experience connected to the digital world.


It allows to provide more information and detail of the project. It can give access to infinity of multimedia information, videos, images, 3D models, 360º tours, which allows to complement and integrate all our products.

FiDi (Digital Fisic)

You can join the physical with the digital and generate a virtual representation of the reality of the moment. By using the camera, the system takes information from reality and allows the user to incorporate virtual objects and observe what the result would be like.

Machine Learning

It allows the interpretation of images for the recognition of information. It is based on learning algorithms that allow the interpretation of images to be improved as the system progresses and is used.


Graphic design

It allows to connect brochures, personal cards, institutional folders, product presentation, catalogs with expanded information in digital format..


It allows to connect posters, signage, billboards to presentations that impact the viewer and lead the client to learn more about our project.


It allows to show products located in the physical place and in that way to attract sales within the online stores with more information for the clients and a representation of how the product would be in its place.

Catalog Sales

It is an excellent support for sellers that allows them to quickly access all the information of the products and show their clients in a more interactive way and provide a better shopping experience to their customers.


It allows by means of the recognition of the images to look for information, in this way the input of data is an image and in this way the system can return information, this feedback is very used in the learning of the people.