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Through a last generation drone, we combine the film obtained in 4K with the 3D model of the project, which allows to visualize the development in its real environment showing its future impact.


Real Environment

This service locates the project in its real environment, which allows to obtain precise information about the impact it will have in the physical context.


By having the environment information, we can determine and visualize the connections, distances, access ways, and possible routes between and around the project and its surroundings.


This service allows visualizing the project along with other buildings under construction (parks, freeways, and shopping centers). By projecting how the future environment will be, the possible impact of it in the project can be foreseen.


Apart from placing the project in its surroundings, this service offers the possibility of having access to any floor or part of the project and taking a look at the landscapes that will surround it once it has been finished.


The images taken by the drone give additional information about the land topography, point maps, and the measurements of the surroundings of your project, which gives dimension to it.

Real Time

During the construction process, the surroundings may change and the satellite images that are often used as reference points can be out-of-date. Using this service, high definition images and videos of the project surroundings can be obtained in real time.

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