Founded in 2004, GRAFF3D has grown and been developed in the render and 3D animation industry. We provide our services to the developers and real estate industry, and to the professional of design and architecture.

GRAFF3D is a dynamic, proactive and recreational study dedicated to render production and 3D animation trough the use of digital technology. We work hard to provide our clients an excellent tool to broadcast, display and commercialize their projects. Along the way, we have innovated in 3D, CGI, RV (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and different products whose main element is the image.

From the beginning, we have moved forward and grown with the last technology. The strength that pushes us forward as a company is and has always been the human team that forms GRAFF3D. The constant wish to evolve, to top ourselves and the passion we feel towards innovation is what has made us a highly competitive company in the world industry of visual representation.

Graff 3D office
Graff 3D office

GRAFF3D understand the necessity of speeding the creative and production process and answers to the industry’s demands within their execution periods. In GRAFF3D we consider all aspects of production, from a concept till the detailed finishing of a project. At the same time, we exchange ideas, create graphic scripts and carry out the necessary tasks in accordance to the work’s reach. Once the project is completed what we deliver is a high quality and visually impacting product for it to be spread, published, and commercialized effectively.

GRAFF3D is a team formed by architects, designers, digital artists and illustrators that love what they do and work as a team; not forgetting they are people with families, of diverse origins, but with common goals. In addition to it, GRAFF3D is a company committed to the environment and sustainable development because

Graff 3D office


Graff 3D